PPC Advertising allows businesses big or small to instantly gain visibility on major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc., increase traffic to your website, and more importantly increase sales! You only pay when someone clicks, Pay-Per-Click. So only once a searcher looking for your product views and clicks on your ad, you pay. Pay-Per-Click is one of the most effective Search Engine Marketing tools today and can be the boost your business has been looking for.

Our Focus

We are experienced knowledgeable PPC Specialists that are always thinking of new ways to improve businesses of any and every kind. We are an ROI focus group, focusing on sales and conversions rather than ascendant6focusing on generating traffic or “visibility” for your website. If you are not seeing the return on your investment, then you are losing money. We focus and maximize on keywords generating sales and minimize or remove any keywords generating very little to no sales to establish the expanding profit


Google Certified

What Does Google Certified Mean?

The Google AdWords certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords. An AdWords certification allows you to demonstrate that Google recognizes you as an online advertising professional. When you sign up for our Pay Per Click Management program you can bet you are putting your best foot forward with an industry pro!

Our Services

Before we discuss your Pay-Per-Click advertising program, we provide a full one on one consultation between our client and your account specialist to gain valuable information and insight in your company and business. PPCPromote’s in house Specialists are Google AdWords Certified and will be working directly with you on all aspects of your PPC Account with 100% transparency. We are constantly conducting extensive PPC research into which keywords and phrases will provide our clients with the maximum return on their investment. Our team will work to put together and split test unique and enticing ads to constantly attract new customers. We will conduct keyword seo2bid optimization on a daily basis and provide you with on-going reporting and communication as needed. Visit our services page to learn more in-depth information on how it works and what we will provide when signing up for our PPC program!